Permian Basin

The Permian Basin, located in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico, is one of the most prolific onshore oil and natural gas producing regions in the United States. It is characterized by an extensive production history, mature infrastructure, long reserve life and hydrocarbon potential in multiple intervals. Our Permian activities are centered on the eastern side of the basin approximately 35 miles east of Midland, Texas in Glasscock, Howard, Reagan and Sterling Counties.

The overall Wolfberry interval, the principal focus of our drilling activities, is an oil play that also includes a liquids-rich natural gas component. Our production/exploration fairway extends approximately 20 miles wide and 80 miles long. While exploration and drilling efforts in the southern half of our acreage block have been centered on the shallower portion of the Wolfberry (Spraberry, Dean and Wolfcamp formations) the emphasis in the northern half has been on the deeper intervals, including the Wolfcamp, Cline Shale, Strawn and Atoka formations. Considering the geology and the reservoir extent of each contributing formation, we now have identified significant potential throughout our total acreage block for the entire Wolfberry interval from the shallow zones to the deepest.

The success of our vertical drilling program, coupled with industry activity, has substantially reduced risks associated with our future drilling programs in the Wolfberry interval.

We have expanded our drilling program to include a horizontal component targeting the Cline and Wolfcamp Shales. The drilling of the Cline Shale, located in the lower Wolfberry, was initiated after our extensive technical review that included coring and testing the Cline separately in multiple vertical wells. We believe the Cline Shale exhibits similar petrophysical attributes and favorable economics compared to other liquids-rich shale plays operated by other companies, such as in the Eagle Ford and Bakken Shale formations. We have acquired 3D seismic data to assist in fracture analysis and the definition of the structural component within the Cline Shale.